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Meet MarketLaunch, an open-source marketplace boilerplate that enables you to build and ship and marketplaces quicker than ever using Next.js and Swell

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Quickly Build a Marketplace with Next.js and Swell

Ship a Swell Marketplace up to 60% Quicker

MarketLaunch revolutionises marketplace development, speeding up projects by up to 60%. Its comprehensive pre-built vendor interfaces, including vital features like order and product management, provide developers with a robust foundation. This eliminates the need to start from scratch, saving precious time and resources.

Moreover, MarketLaunch streamlines complex payment infrastructure by automating fee collection and vendor payments via Stripe Connect. This all-in-one solution enables developers to concentrate on advanced customisations, expediting the marketplace development process. With MarketLaunch, businesses swiftly realise marketplace concepts, benefiting from substantial time and cost savings.

MarketLaunches payout tracking view for vendors
MarketLaunch's order management view

Build Your Next Marketplace with MarketLaunch

MarketLaunch offers the best of both worlds – a pre-built solution with unmatched flexibility. Businesses benefit from ready-to-use components, reducing costs and speeding up development. Moreover, with access to the code base, developers can customize and tailor the marketplace to their specific needs, ensuring maximum adaptability. Trust in MarketLaunch for an efficient, flexible, and expertly crafted marketplace solution.

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What's Included

  • You get the complete web application source code, written in React Native Web and Next.js, giving you full
  • Pre-built vendor and buyer dashboards including order management, product and inventory management and pay out management
  • Payment infrastructure is all set and ready to go, you just need a Stripe account
  • Freedom to deploy on your preferred infrastructure

Want to customise your MarketLaunch setup?

If you're looking for support with your MarketLaunch set up then we recommend Morrow, they're a specialist marketplace development agency and a certified MarketLaunch partner.

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