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Precision Engineered Marketplace Foundations

MarketLaunch equips developers with all the essential foundations required to develop a seamless marketplace application. By combining the power of Swell's robust eCommerce platform, React Native for Web, and Next.js, developers can accelerate their development process significantly. With pre-built components and code, MarketLaunch streamlines the initial groundwork, allowing developers to focus on customisations and building unique features. Building with MarketLaunch empowers businesses to create highly customisable and feature-rich marketplace applications, bringing their ideas to life in a faster, more efficient manner.

Making Swell Marketplace Development up to 60% Quicker

MarketLaunch offers a revolutionary approach to marketplace development, enabling businesses to accelerate their project timelines by up to 60%. The key lies in MarketLaunch's comprehensive suite of pre-built vendor interfaces, which include essential functionalities like order and product management. By providing developers with this robust foundation, MarketLaunch eliminates the need to create these components from scratch, saving valuable time and resources.

Additionally, MarketLaunch simplifies the complex payment infrastructure by automating fee collection and vendor payments through Stripe Connect. This all-in-one solution empowers developers to focus on higher-level customisations and fine-tuning, leading to a quicker and more efficient marketplace development process. With MarketLaunch, businesses can swiftly bring their marketplace ideas to fruition while enjoying significant time and cost savings.

A laptop with a screenshot of MarketLaunch displayed on the screen
A laptop with a screenshot of MarketLaunch displayed on the screen

Build Your Next Swell Marketplace with Marketlaunch

MarketLaunch offers the best of both worlds – a pre-built solution with unmatched flexibility. Businesses benefit from ready-to-use components, reducing costs and speeding up development. Moreover, with access to the code base, developers can customize and tailor the marketplace to their specific needs, ensuring maximum adaptability. Trust in MarketLaunch for an efficient, flexible, and expertly crafted marketplace solution.

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What's Included

  • Complete web application source code, written in React Native Web and Next.JS
  • Full setup and deployment instructions
  • 2 hours of setup support
  • Early Access Only: Regular checkin calls with our team while you're developing your marketplace to ensure you're getting the most out of MarketLaunch
  • Vendor dashboards already built Including order and product management
  • Payment infrastructure is all set and ready to go, you just need a Stripe account
  • Prebuilt buyer dashboard for order management
  • Fully customisable to meet your stores needs

Want to customise your MarketLaunch setup?

If you're looking for support with your MarketLaunch set up then we recommend Morrow, they're a specialist marketplace development agency and a certified MarketLaunch partner.

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