Quickly Build, Launch and Scale Your Marketplace

Developed by starter-kit experts AppLaunch, MarketLaunch gives you the foundations to build a robust, well-architected and scaleable marketplace on Swell for a startup-friendly price.

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screenshots of MarketLaunch
screenshots of MarketLaunch
screenshots of MarketLaunch
screenshots of MarketLaunch
screenshots of MarketLaunch
screenshots of MarketLaunch

Enterprise-ready Swell Marketplace

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With the MarketLaunch starter-kit you are able to build and deploy an enterprise-ready marketplace quicker than ever. MarketLaunch's offering is completely customisable so you can adapt it for each and every bespoke need.

MarketLaunch provides store operators with all the functionality they need to operate a marketplace on the Swell platform. Out of the box MarketLaunch provides a full suite of functionality for both vendors and buyers including;


  • Full on-boarding including payment setup
  • Order management, including order fulfilment
  • Product and stock management, including support for variant based stock management
  • Automated vendor payouts powered by Stripe Connect


  • Full buyer onboarding flow
  • Order management including delivery updates and order cancellation

When you purchase MarketLaunch, you'll be provided with all the code you need to build and run your own marketplace. This will give you the flexibility required to ensure you can make your marketplace feel like yours without having to build from scratch.

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Pre-built vendor and buyer dashboards and on-boarding flow
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Get the access to the full codebase, making it easy to customise
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Built using React Native for web and Next.JS
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Fully built payment infrastructure using Stripe Connect
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Built on top of leading eCommerce platform, Swell
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Up to 2 years of free updates

How it works

  • Purchase the starter-kit license

  • We'll provide access to our team to deploy our marketplace

  • Professional documentation and code handover to your team

  • Perform as much or as little customisation as you wish

  • Launch

All you’ll need

Getting started with MarketLaunch is really simple, you only need 3 things:

  • Valid MarketLaunch License

  • Stripe account
  • Swell account

What's included

  • Two hours professional setup

  • Full source code

  • Regular check-in calls with our experts (Early access only)

Your marketplace starts here
Now in early access from£5,000 plus vat

Want to customise your MarketLaunch setup?

If you're looking for support with your MarketLaunch set up then we recommend Morrow, they're a specialist marketplace development agency and a certified MarketLaunch partner.

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